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We have been in the power quality business for over 30-years, making us uniquely qualified to diagnose and solve power problems. We provide a wide array of power quality consultative services, including monitoring and reporting of power issues.

UPS Services and Support

  • UPS and battery preventative maintenance
  • UPS and battery service contracts
  • UPS operator training
  • UPS and battery parts and service
  • UPS battery replacement

Surge Protection Device Testing

  • SPD/TVSS device testing and reports

30-Day / 7-Day Power Demand Monitoring per NEC 220.87

  • Main electrical service entrances, distribution switchgear, and electrical panelboards
  • Optional pre-programming for plug-and-play installation and reports
  • 5amp-5000amp, including 24" flex, current probes for easy installation
  • Turn-key projects, including meter installation, meter set-up, and reports
  • Custom monitoring packages and reports

Energy Audits

  • Average and peak consumption
  • Power factor
  • Time-of-day usage
  • Point-of-us
  • Average and total kilowatt hours
  • Turn-key projects including meter installation, meter set-up, and reports

Power Quality Analysis

  • High speed power disturbance analyzer rental (2 million samples/second)
  • Voltage, current, kVA, kW, kWh, KVAR, frequency, power factor, demand monitoring
  • VTHD, ITHD, voltage harmonics, current harmonics monitoring
  • Impulses, sags, swells, waveshape faults, trending summary
  • Turn-key projects including meter installation, meter set-up, and reports

Permanently Installed Power Consumption and Power Quality Meters

  • Advanced reporting
  • Wireless networks